PET PC “Galant” is a manufacturing company that has been successfully producing various goods made from metal and synthetic material "Bikonit" more than 20 years. Our services include manufacturing customer-specific products, worked out according to the request of our customers. For these years we have collected a huge database of knowledge that is important for producing goods of high quality.

We propose the following products:

 - turning products from stainless steel and tool steel; stamping, bending, stretching, riveting products from stainless steel sheets; contact welding of products, turning hardware for electronic and electrotechnical devices. We propose mass production of items from stainless steel and tool steels, duralumin, bronze, brass, etc. made on turning machines.

 - made from "Bikonit" material gaskets that are used to seal the connections of the industrial equipment, machines, vessels, pipes, working in an environment of water, steam, fuel, gas, diesel, mineral oils and mixtures thereof at temperature from - 50 °C to 200 °C and pressure below 1.6 MPa. The material density is 2.1 g/cc.

Products are manufactured on the company's own production facilities. Trained qualified staff, using necessary technological equipment, applying latest technical solutions, satisfying customers’ needs, competitive prices and high quality of the goods are the main components for a comprehensive and long-term cooperation.